“Brady is a great lawyer. One of a very few lawyers who knows the courtroom backwards and forwards, has great technical skills, but also knows how to get the results you want by negotiation, personal connection, and mediation. I did 3,000 meditations a lawyer in Dallas, and in the process worked with more than 6,000 lawyers over a 17 year period. Brady is the guy I hired to handle my personal business when I needed help.”

Ross Hostetter
Co- Founder, Boulder Integral

“Only two times in my entire professional business career have I ever really needed the talents of a truly professional attorney . . . those two times, over 20 years apart, I turned to Brady Sparks; and he achieved “TERRIFIC” results!”

Ed Foreman
Former U. S. Congressman (Texas and New Mexico)
Speaker, Author and Business Entrepreneur

“I worked with Brady in 2003 on a complex civil engineering matter related to the design and construction of a water pipeline in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Brady has the ability and intellect necessary to handle complex construction cases. He also really understands what happens in the courtroom, and he has keen insights regarding people. Brady is an excellent design, engineering, and construction defense lawyer.”

Jack Lemley, MBE
Principal, Lemley and Associates

“We referred a significant federal criminal case to Brady and also worked with him on a business litigation matter in which we represented separate clients. In each case, he performed a legal miracle.”

Hastings Hanshaw
Collin D. Kennedy
Hanshaw Kennedy, LLP
Frisco, Texas

“Brady, you were our Sammy Sosa.”

Francisco Bruno, Chief of Litigation,
McConnell & Valdes
San Juan, Puerto Rico


“At a time when I really needed help, Brady Sparks came to the rescue.”

W. Paul Thayer
Former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense,
Federal Obstruction of Justice case


“Mr. Sparks, that was one of the most devastating cross-examinations I’ve heard in this courtroom.”

State District Judge (name withheld by request)
Multiple death vehicular homicide


“My former husband walked out after my double-mastectomy, hired a big-name lawyer, hid the assets and moved out of town. Without being unprofessional in any way, Brady came in, took my husband’s deposition, forced him and his attorney to be reasonable, and won a very favorable settlement. Brady was truly an answer to prayer, and he will always be my lawyer.”

With gratitude and appreciation,
a Dallas mother (name withheld by request)