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Texas Justices Won’t Review Morgan Keegan Securities Suit

Law360, Dallas (February 17, 2017, 3:41 PM EST) — The Texas Supreme Court on Friday said it would not review wealth management and capital markets firm Morgan Keegan’s argument it was wrongly held liable for not telling investors the true risks of a mortgage-backed securities stake, leaving

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Never Cross-Examine the Defendant’s Mother

When I was hired as an Assistant District Attorney – essentially a baby prosecutor – I asked my new boss to tell me the three most important things I needed to know. In the years since, I’ve realized that his advice would be valuable to a cross-section

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Playing God at Age 27

In the professional world, responsibility doesn’t always wait until you are ready to handle it. You have to be prepared to do the right thing, even when you may not be certain what that is. At 27, I was a fledgling Texas prosecutor trying murders, rapes and

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Sometimes Justice Wins Its Own Case

When you believe in a course of action, the right thing to do is to follow that path… even though it seems hopeless. I learned this lesson early in my career. In my third year as a prosecutor, Judge James B. Zimmermann called me up to the

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