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Brady has mediated over 500 cases with a success rate over 95%, has been appointed by numerous state and federal judges and has successfully resolved a wide variety of civil controversies, from simple two-party contract matters to multi-party commercial cases, medical malpractice, fraud, civil conspiracy, business disputes, intelectual property cases, a wide variety of personal jury cases, and multi-state litigation matters.  His experience as a prosecutor, criminal defense lawyer and advocate as civil trial attorney, along with his jury trial and court experience in cases from Puerto Rico to Alaska and California to New York, as well as appellate work at the highest level (having won a civil securities case single-handed in the U.S. Supreme Court, reversing the Fifth Circuit and the trial court),  gives him an unrivaled perspective of what can and does happen if a case goes to trial.  He’s also familiar with the ever-present need to consider costs, delays, faltering witnesses, cross-examination, sophisticated trial aids, the uses and benefits (and detriments) of psychologists experts (engineering, medical, legal, architects, drilling, etc.), and the various tactical and strategic approaches lawyers take  – from aggressive to slow and ponderous.  With over forty years of experience as a trial lawyer on both (more accurately, all) sides of the docket, he brings a wealth of experience, love of the practice, and energized approach to resolving controversies, as quickly, easily, and most importantly – as fairly as possible.  He’s also seen his share of judges over the years – good, bad and otherwise.  He’s described as “level-headed,” “wise,” and “genuinely interested in solving both sides’ problem,” along with similar appellations, by those who have mediated with him.  The fact is, he enjoys mediation as much or more than any other aspect of the profession.

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